Affordable Housing

No matter where you live, the cost of housing has skyrocketed. More and more people are looking for affordable and sustainable housing options that offer them a permanent place to call home.

Custom Container Solutions

Transforming Affordable Housing

Repurposed shipping containers are transforming affordable housing because they can be modified to have all of the features of a traditionally built home but can be built and delivered to the site turnkey in a fraction of the time of standard construction and much more affordably. And, shipping container homes have one very appealing and unique feature that standard construction homes don’t have – they can be easily transported anywhere you want to go so you can take your home with you anywhere you move in the world!

Affordable housing is needed everywhere but there are often challenges that come with traditional building practices including available space, available time, and available funds. Shipping container affordable homes have a smaller footprint than other types of construction and can be configured in many ways or stacked on top of each other which makes scaling your housing project easy and efficient.

Modular Container Housing

Shipping container homes are pre-fabricated according to your desired specifications and delivered to you completely turnkey and ready to be lived in. Your modular affordable housing will feel like anything but a shipping container – it will feel like home. Build your dream home and make it permanently yours whether you stay where you are forever or take it with you when you move when you invest in shipping container affordable housing.


Fully furnished and functional kitchen

Fully functional bathroom(s) complete with showers, sinks, etc.

Living spaces

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