If there is one thing that is needed anywhere in the world that people are, it is bathrooms. But, access to a building and the infrastructure necessary to build a bathroom may not always be practical or feasible.

Custom Container Solutions

Converted Container Restrooms

Shipping container bathrooms are a modern solution to a timeless need. Shipping containers can be converted into fully functional bathrooms with all of the modern amenities you want and need. They can be built and delivered in a fraction of the time of traditional bathroom build-outs and are easily scalable should your needs change.

Our bathrooms are designed to your unique specifications and come to you pre-installed with everything you need for immediate use including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC. They are built to your specifications but with your local codes and regulations in mind to ensure they are completely “plug and play” upon delivery.

Modular Restrooms

Modular shipping container bathrooms can be basic and functional or highly luxurious depending on your desired modifications. All bathrooms are delivered to you turnkey and fully plumbed so that they are ready to be connected to external plumbing sources and begin being used immediately. Convert one shipping container into a self-contained bathroom complete with hot water, toilet, sink, and shower (and even make it ADA accessible!) or link together multiple containers to accommodate large quantities of people and bathroom needs with bathroom and shower stalls, private changing areas, lockers, and more, anywhere that you are in the world. Once on-site, leave your modular bathroom container in place forever if desired, or move it to a new location when needed easily for total versatility.

Large Events

Disaster Relief


Theme Parks