Housing For Homeless

Cities and countries all over the world are dealing with a homeless crisis but building housing affordably and quickly is no simple task.

Custom Container Solutions

Solving Homeless Housing

Standard construction of multi-family units could take over a year but shipping containers are transforming the world of homeless housing because they can be built and scaled quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Modular container homes can be retrofitted with all of the common amenities and comforts of a normal apartment or home. And, because available space for homeless housing is often scarce, they can be stacked on top of each other to maximize the use of available space and optimize scalability. Because of this, they offer a much more comfortable and private solution to housing homeless people than group homes and shelters.

Container Homes

Shipping container homes are modular which means they can be individual units or multiple can be combined to create a multi-room home if needed. Because they are stackable, there is no downside to choosing shipping container homes over standard construction of multi-family buildings – if anything, there are a multitude of advantages. Shipping containers can be converted into fully functional permanent homes with bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and any other desired customizations including unique flooring materials, paint colors, and other finishes.

Modular container homes are fabricated according to the desired specifications and modifications and then shipped to the site ready for use. Because shipping containers are highly durable and can be easily transported, they can be moved to different locations and reused very easily. This allows governments and organizations to quickly deploy safe and affordable permanent homeless housing in their communities while cutting the costs of such projects dramatically.



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