Modular shipping container kitchens are a modern, cost, efficient solution for your kitchen needs, no matter where you are located in the world.

Custom Container Solutions

Self-Contained Kitchens

Whether you have minimal (or no) access to utilities or need an effective, self-contained kitchen in the middle of the city, shipping container kitchen can be modified to your unique customization to accommodate any needs.

Traditional kitchen build-outs are costly, time-consuming, and far from eco-friendly. Repurposed shipping containers, on the other hand, are very eco-friendly. Shipping container kitchens are also modular which means they are easily scaled up or down as needed and can be moved from one location to another for optimal versatility.

Shipping container kitchens are building-code compliant and meet or exceed all commercial kitchen safety standards which means you are not sacrificing safety or quality when you opt for a shipping container kitchen. You can use our modular kitchens as a standalone kitchen or as an expansion of an existing kitchen. Because the containers are designed for shipping, they are durable and completely self-contained so they are can be transported anywhere in the world that a kitchen is needed.

Kitchen Solutions

Commercial shipping container kitchens are high versatile because they are professionally engineered to your unique specificaatons and needs depending on your planned application. All electrical, appliances, water, HVAC, plumbing, work surfaces, and more are fully secured and self-contained for the ultimate plug-and-play modular kitchen. Kitchen units are always built with local codes and requirements in mind and are delivered to you ready for immediate use.

Modular shipping container kitchens are a modern solution to a timeless need – safe, effective, cost-efficient food preparation and service – anywhere in the world. Anything you can have in a traditional kitchen you can have in a shipping container, but in a fraction of the time it takes to build out a traditional kitchen – with the advantage of being portable and easily scalable!

Kitchen expansions

Event pop-up kitchens

Concession stands

Jobsite kitchen/commissary

Remote location kitchen solutions